Thank You for Helping to Make this a Great Day

We would like to thank all the volunteers, demonstrators, sponsors and especially all those who came to play at our first ever GMcon London. Stay tuned for a summary and photos.

Gaming to Beat Cancer

A board game day in support of Cancer Research
and a tribute to Greg Mate.

A great gamer and an exceptional human being.

What's This All About?

About Us

Gamers for Life

Board and tabletop games bring friends and family together.

These games challenge us to solve problems creatively and develop critical thinking skills. These are the same skills needed by the researchers looking for relief from cancer.

Social Gamers

Being together to play games encourages communication.

The games require us to talk, share and analyse situations. Sharing knowledge and experience is critical for scientists and therapists working to understand cancer.

Games for a Cause

Most games have a goal - so do we!

By sharing a fun day of friendly gaming, we hope to raise funds to help defeat a common disease that claims so many Canadians, young and old.

Game Types

Board Games

Board Games

Modern social games - current generation of interactive co-op & competetive board games such as Catan, Belfort and 7 Wonders.

Card Games

Card Games

Deck building games have been popular for decades. These include favourites such as Magic: the Gathering, Dominion & Pokemon.

Tabletop Games

Tabletop Games

The open-world Role Playing Games are more popular than ever. Book your spot for D&D and Pathfinder sessions.

Vendors and Mentors

Vendors & Mentors

Meet the people behind the counters and tables of London's most popular brick-n-mortar & online gaming stores.

Where & When:

Saturday, April 18, 2015
10am - 6:00pm

Saunders Secondary School,
London Ontario

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Adventurers League - 5th Ed D&D

Z-Man Games -- WOW!!

AEG Pledges  support!

TMG Signs On!

GM Con official Web Site Launch

Board Gaming in London, ON

Board gaming may be at its all time most popular right now in London.  There seems to be a public event almost every night at one of the local stores or pubs.  What a great time to meet some new people or try a new game.  Check out the London Gamers Group at



Our Sponsors:

We would like to thank our great sponsors for this event. They have stepped up and are contributing prizes, games and other support for GMcon!


Saunders S.S., 941 Viscount Road London Ontario N6K 1H5